during our month of easter break, michelle and i decided to visit places outside london, why not? since we would be here for the next 2 years, we might as well make full use of it. else we will be like so sua ku when we go back when people ask, “so did you visit outside of london?”

totally got cheated out of our train fares, but we’ll make up for it with more trips out. our train was delayed for more than an hour, so in the end, the train seemed quite crowded with the people who were supposed to take the first train and the second train. the seats were comfy, considering we would be on our butts for the next 3 hours, comfy seats were essential.

3 hours later, we arrived at WEYMOUTH :D it was lovely, the beach, the weather and the people.


the annual KITE FESTIVAL.

then we took a bus to ABBOTSBURY, to see the JURASSIC COAST.

it was a long long hike before we manage to see the coast, but it was so beautiful, its worth the hike. then we realised we were on the wrong side of the coast. hahhas, so we did not manage to see fossils anywhere. the fossils and cliff were on the sides of the coast, and we were right in the center. but the view itself was worth anything :D

some of the houses have eggs, plants, crafts displayed outside their houses with a tin can. the whole village is based on a trust policy, where you put money into the can if you take the items. if it was singapore, the eggs would be gone, and the tin would be empty.

houses in the village.

the doors were so low.

we wanted to try the famous cream tea in abbotsbury, which i highly suspect that its really just teh ci. but all the tea shops were closed by 5pm, so we ended up drinking cider at a local pub. hahas. it was an awesome day out, & we are so doing it again :D