i used to have such sensible classmates or maybe i was just lucky. i don’t understand the ang mohs. they say asians kids are too discipline, too responsible, too well-behaved. but i think the lack there of is what makes them so much less competent. of course, i’m not generalizing every one of them. there are good asians and bad asians, so there are good ang mohs and bad ang mohs.

a little rant on my groupmate, who’s not even a real ang moh. pretty much, just ang moh educated. i just think a little more responsibility towards your work would do you and the group good. plus, let’s face it, you’re border lying being kicked out already, don’t you have the sense of urgency?  if you want to die, please don’t drag us down with you.

michelle is so adorable when i told her about my groumate, she sent me this picture.

on a happier note, 5 more weeks to HOME, i smile every night when i go to sleep, one day closer to home :D