today, i overheard this chinese girl talking about her cab experience in the school library. it was the most hilarious and scary thing i’ve heard since i came to london.


“i’m telling you guys, i had the scariest cab ride ever that night.”

her friends showed concerned faces.

“it wasn’t because the driver looked scary, and the cab wasn’t dodgy or anything, it was just scary.”

her friends continued their concerned faces.

“so right, he drove me to my place, and when i gave him the fare, he said that he doesn’t have enough change. so he asked me to wait in his car and wounded down all the windows and GAVE ME A DAGGER, in case anything bad happens. the next thing i knew, he was ran out of the car to change the notes.”


my only reaction was WTH. i didn’t know to laugh or to pity the poor girl. it brings me back to when i first arrived, and looked at the posters in the underground that warn people not to take unlicensed cabs, which are crazy.

these posters instil just enough fear in me. don’t worry, the cabs here are generally safe, although ridiculously expensive. you just have to recognise and take the legitimate ones. you never have to worry about such problems in singapore. cab uncles are generally friendly and nice and definitely don’t carry a dagger with them.