before the start of year two, michelle and i decided to go on a two day trip to BATH :D its only an hour away from london, so our butts didnt hurt this time. and it was warm and sunny, good weather to be out in beautiful bath. bath is famous for its spa, and the place is really small. we finished the whole of bath in one day.

this is a sign in the toilet, and the toilet was really warm.

famous spa water from the fountain.

it tasted salty and dry at the same time. nvr going to try it again.

the ROMAN BATH is nice, the building has been kept that way since 2000 years ago. the whole of bath is like a step into the past. very little modern buildings around. we had the famous SALLY LUNN’s buns for lunch. they were huge, and i’d rather call them bread.

we visited the FASHION MUSEUM, was quite disappointed because we expected so much more, but we had fun dressing up.

kids costumes.

JANE AUSTEN CENTRE. that is supposingly jane austen.

since there was absolutely nothing to do in bath the next day, we went to BRISTOL which people said its 15mins away, erm, it was a 30mins bus ride. bristol is nice, like london, but smaller and less crowded. we didnt enjoy as much, because we were mostly complaining about how big the place is and how much we had to walk to get from one place to another.

CHRISTMAS STEPS is an alley in bristol, at first we thought it was just steps. but there were shops on both sides of the alley, and only a few steps. it was basically a steep slope down.

by mid-day, we were tired and there wasnt much around bristol to see too. so instead of taking the 5.43pm train back to london, we got onto the 3.45pm train, and was told by the conductor that we could not take the train, we either have to get off the train or to pay £28 for tickets. so we just got off at the next station. thinking we could do some sightseeing anyway. and so CHIPPENHAM, we went. michelle said it sounds like the hometown of CHIP&DALE. wth.

anyway, after we got off, we asked the locals what were some of the things we could do, and they said “there’s nothing much you can do in chippenham, and the town center is 10mins away. there’re only some coffeeshops and shops around.” we were tired, so we went back into the train station and waited for the next train. boarded the train and prayed that the conductor would not perform a check this time. AND YAY! we were safe, arrived in london about 5.30pm. and oh, we realised that bath, bristol, weymouth and all are close to one another. we could visit them all.