maybe i am too conventional or maybe i am too 死板, it is either one. because i really dont understand the ang mohs. i think it is good to have so many ideas and be creative, but we’ll eventually need to focus and concentrate on ONE central idea. erm, so what’s our central idea again? dont understand. then again, that’s how they work, so i went along. somehow now that i am in a new environment, i can “see” myself better. i begin to see myself from an outsider’s point of view – i looked like some kind of dictator and sounded so rigid in my ways. this group work helped me learned something about myself, not necessarily a good thing, but since its not, so i’ll change. and i have. considering i have taken a step back, listened and tried new ideas. i still give my ideas as per usual, not like i am slacking my time away. i might have a lot of complains along the way, it has helped me to see i could be such a pain in the ass as well, too rigid for my own good. so yup, all in all, its a good thing….i guess.