doing an essay on the peranakan culture, and it occurred to me how men are literally just desperate. men not human beings men, but men as in males. a little introduction to the emergence of peranakans: when china established a trade route to java, and then the british open up singapore and penang as trading ports, many chinese merchants and traders migrated to indonesia, singapore and penang. they could not bring their wives along because the imperial edict by the emperor then stated that women were not allowed to leave china. so these chinese merchants and traders ended up marrying local women and starting a family in these new places. and so, their off-springs are called peranakans, mainly meaning mix-bred.

what i dont understand is, if a man is already married back in china, why marry again in a foreign land? my only explanation is that they are desperate, and want to save money on paying for sex, so they just got married instead. i might be over-analysing this. but really, just fast-forward this to the 21st century. what if a your husband is going overseas for his work and is unable to bring you along for whatever the reason, then he end up marrying a local woman abroad? if it doesnt make sense now, it doesnt make sense then either.

not saying anything bad about any race of males for that matter a fact, im just saying males in general. whether they are chinese, english, indonesian, etc, doesnt matter. im sure during that time when trade routes and expeditions to foreign lands prosper, many men from all over were leaving their country to look for greener pastures elsewhere, and many did not bring their wives and families along. but what made them think that it was acceptable to marry again? did they even think of their wives back home?

oh, i think im thinking way too much, its all in the past now, not like men now are going all over the world and leaving their wives behind to go marry women in other countries. i need to get back to my essay. 500 more words to go.