never ever thought that i would have a chance to go to paris, but OMG, this december was a dream come true. only the night before, i did not feel any excitement, dont know why. but after a 2hr eurostar ride, hearing the announcement in french, i was suddenly so excited and overwhelmed. OMG PARIS!

our hotel was located in BASTILLE, built originally as a fortress in the past, so you could see quite a number of statues and such in the surroundings.

then, you have all the graffiti. the old, the new and the art, all in one place. just need to be observant, and you can notice how creative the french are. i always thought that paris was a tiny city, but the place is huge. for the 3 days we were there, we walked like never before. if i complained about walking in london, paris is worse. more walking than ever, and the pavements are worse than in london. it feels like the pavements have been there from the 18th century.

the trees in paris are art themselves, they are all postcard worthy.

the front of the cathedral, but i actually like the back better.

i love carousels.

some macroons & chocolate shop.

the french love their desserts. even their MCCAFE has macroons and more exciting dessert choices. and the whole time when we were there, we did not even see anyone having like a proper meal. it was always either coffee or dessert. and they really know how to enjoy their food. first starters, then main course, and finally dessert with coffee. a meal to them feels like an extravagant 2hr long affair.

the back of THE LOUVRE.

notice the cyclist in the picture, the parisians cycle alot, i wonder if its a french thing or just a paris thing. i realised that we always enter a building through its back door and we always assume that its the front.

THE LOUVRE. seeing the pyramid thingy made my heart skipped a beat.


i really thought i would be awed seeing the mona lisa in person, but really, the “wow” moment came and went in a snap. i think it was partially because i was too far, and it was too crowded. had to squeeze my way in, then squeezed my way out. was not overly happy about it.

LADUREE – the best macroons.

not a big fan of sweet stuff, but since its the best and from paris, i must give it a try. erm, i havent had macroons before, so i cannot do a compare and contrast. laduree is good, but i dont think i’ll ever have cravings for macaroons.

LOUIS VUITTON. the french dont say L.V, they say vuitton.



seeing the tower was like a dream come true. it was amazing. and we made it in time to see the lights, wasnt even intentional. its like all these while, hearing about it, and then the next thing, i was standing under it. the eiffel tower. i know, i must be exaggerating, but i cant describe it any other way. i dont even know how to describe the feeling. but it was really overwhelming. heh.

double deck metro, cool or what.

this paris trip was nothing but amazing, i totally enjoyed it, even though it was only 3 days, and we walked a whole lot. the people were nice, despite our friends telling us that they could be racist. the food, not so bad. because the portions were never enough for us. its no wonder they eat a full 3-course meal every time. the place itself was beautiful, love the buildings, the art, and the history. i am really glad that we had quite an enjoyable experience in paris, because i was scared that i would be so disappointed after hearing so many negative comments about it. after paris, there’ll be many more countries to go :D