tiga calls this kaypo :/

but its these little guilty pleasures we have and get entertained – secretly stalking people. nothing good will come out of it. not like we’re going to haunt anyone down and send them creepy letters, or send them our hair to freak them out. its just for mindless fun, we get the sheer thrill of it, finding out little dirty secrets about them, making up our own stories.

with facebook, it makes things so much easier. you think by setting your profile private, you’re going to be safe. you’re never safe, especially if a woman is interested, they dig, if method 1 doesnt work, we go method 2, and so on. if we want to know, something, anything at all. we will and nothing is going to stop us. girls who seem harmless are the most lethal, because we are usually the ones who prefers the calm before the storm, just for the dramatic effect of it actually. but i can guarantee, the calm is normally scarier than the storm itself. girls who prefers a storm, likes harsh storms, ones that blow you away. so either way, girls are scary.

finding out the life about other people is a guilty pleasure that i secretly enjoy. people i know, people i dont know, famous people, infamous people. as long as it is someone. boring life, exciting life, its life. who cares? i bet someone is stalking my life now aka the person reading this.

then, when we wake up tomorrow, all will be forgotten. we might not even remember who this person is anymore.

michelle is crazy, my partner in crime :D