dear 2012,

please slow down, i cant catch up. i feel that im still stuck in 2011. its not like i still write my dates as 2011, its just, my thoughts are still in 2011. i havent really bring forward anything yet. and here you are, going too fast for me to enjoy the sights and before i know it, i reach the end of the journey. not necessarily bad, because it means home is at the end of it. but too fast, i cant catch up.

i know you’re making no exception for me, but just give me some time to organise myself. i feel so scattered. maybe its because im into my 2nd half of year two now, or maybe because my school term ends in mid march and it means im going for internship soon (which im still unsure whether im more excited or more scared about) but, i just want to enjoy the process and not rush through things. i enjoy a good ol’ breeze, but dont breeze by so fast like a gust of strong wind. 2012, im sure you’re nice and unlike everyone who’s saying you’re going to end mankind. because so far, you’ve been nice and friendly to me, and i think for many others too. i think im going to love you, you just need to give me some time to know and love you.

you’re just too fast.


girl who desperately wants to enjoy 2012.