today i was cooking peas and corns, as the peas were still frozen, so they stucked together floating on top. I WAS SO GROSSED OUT. EWWWWWWWW. couldnt cook at all, had to scream for my brother to come down and save me. it is only when i came to london that i realised i had trypophobia – the fear of clustered small holes, pods, circles or cracks in objects. like beehives, lotus seed heads and such. actually, i think i dont have it that severe, for some, even looking at butter bubbles in the batter freaks them out. im okay with that. 2D clusters of holes are still okay, as tested by my brother. hahahs. as long as the holes doesnt look too 3D, im not too grossed out yet.

trypophobia is not an officially recognised phobia in the medical world, according to the american psychiatric association’s diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, its because they do not significantly interfere with a person’s normal routine. duh. its not like everyday we see clusters of holes or pods. for some people with obvious fears such as fear of rain (ombrophobia), fear of trees (hylophobia) or fear of lightening (astraphobia), its easier to tell isnt it? for those fear of spiders (arachnophobia), its not like they see spiders everyday too. does that significantly interfere with a person’s normal routine? its not like im petitioning for trypophobia to be official, i just think it would be nice to recognise this as a real phobia.

so anyway, not many people know that i have such a fear, even my mum doesnt know about it. see, its so insignificantly obvious, doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

here’s a little video to see if you’re trypophobic. the test is 2mins30secs, i made it through about 35secs, i couldnt finish it :/