i was reading a story in tiny buddha about “love” and came across a comment, which i thought was more meaningful than the story itself. not that the story is not meaningful. but to me, the comment sums up the story itself.


“Love” is one of those word that means many things to many people. I have a few definitions myself.

One is: “I want you in my life and I want to be in yours.”

Another is: “I feel an honest and truthful connection between us.”

A third is, “When I’m with you, I feel I have permission to love myself.”

The forth is: “I’m committed to help you in any way when you need me.”

One or more of these conditions will create a loving bond. When I have all four working with someone, as I do with my wife, I can trust that love to weather the ups and downs of change. So far it has.

One thing though, Not one of these definitions are unconditional. Once lying or disloyalty contaminates the commitments, the love recedes. Not because I make a conscious effort to make that happen, but because my human sense of preservation and survival kicks in.

I avoid pain, and anyone who consciously inflicts it on me more than a few times. That’s why KINDNESS and EMPATHY are crucial ingredients within the mix of love. At least for me.

Take care Lori. You deserve to be loved.



who do you love?