its april already (:

i’ve officially been on holiday for about a month, and i still have an assignment due on 20th apr, which i totally havent prepared or started yet. YAY! and this internship thingy, i hope it all goes well, but im REALLY HAPPY and feel REALLY LUCKY that i got an internship. come to think of it, i should already be already thinking about my dissertation, but i seriously have no idea what i want to write. that is totally like do or die. i dont get why they only take into account results of third year. scary scary.

oh yah, and i moved. heh. i cant decide whether i love or hate this place as much as finchley for now. but im still getting use to rotherhithe. too noisy, although it does feel a little like living in singapore, but finchley was so much quieter. one good thing is that our living room is much bigger. i hate my bed now though, even with the matteress topper thingy, i can still feel the springs in the mattress ):

my new room.

not bigger than my previous room, but i dont spend much time in my room now anyway, most of our time is in the living room. i think it just takes time to like rotherhithe, afterall i’ve live in finchley for a year, and it’s been a wonderful place. i hope i fall in love with rotherhithe soon (: