my mummy has gone to m’sia, and i said to her to call/msg/email me when she reached. its been two days, and nothing. she was the one who taught us to be responsible, but still doesnt do it too often to herself. doesnt she think we would be worried.

its not like i dont know she’s safe, but at least drop us a msg to tell us she is safe. i just dont feel comfortable calling a place up to find my own mum, just feels so weird. what do i say, “hi, can i find my mum?” erk, i dont like the way that sound, i dont want to feel uncomfortable finding my own mummy.

at least she feels happy and at ease with what she’s doing, although yes, i understand her reasons and such. but to me, that just doesnt add up. look on the bright side, leelin. she’s old and she wants to learn something new, why deny her the opportunities and chances, so okay. be a bigger person and rise above. she’s happy and that’s what important.

i hope she calls soon, the older she gets, the more child-like she is sometimes. still a mother though, always a mother no matter where she is.