so 4 day trip to amsterdam proved to be too many days. but lucky for us, it only rained on the last day. so we didnt do anything much too. amsterdam was nice, the people were nice, and the food was not so bad.

our first stop was the sex museum. it was fascinating to see sex in the most shocking, erotic, cute and interesting way. i think after a trip to amsterdam, i’ve seen enough asses, breasts and penises :/

i know this looks a little repulsive, but i think it looks really cute, because it is so small.

this shop SABON is genius, we went in, stayed for about an hour and spent over EUR100+. its a shop that sells body and bathing products. AND THEY SMELL REALLY GOOD! all natural products too. never tried anything and feel so moisturised and smelling so nice after, because i have blardie sensitive and dry skin. i hope they open a shop in sg, would be damn awesome. too bad they dont have an outlet in london )): this was probably our best find in amsterdam.

floating flower market.

i was quite disappointed with it because i was expecting like a 西門町夜市 kind of feel, but it was like a roadside pasar malam.

weed lollis, weed seed, weed cookie, weed & more weed.

day 2, we went to sign up for a day trip excursion that took us to the windmill village DE ZAANSE SCHANS and EDAM which is the cheese place.

this guy demonstrated how the clog shoes were made. and the most amazing part was when he blow into the shoe and water came out. he said because the wood was made of 80% water. i think the machines used to make the shoes are brilliant, quite interesting how in the olden days, these people can be such geniuses to come up with such simple yet complex mechanisms for clog shoes.

dutch lady who explained to us how cheese were made. 1 kg of cheese = 10 kg of milk. 

okay, so when we reach EDAM, we thought we were going to some cheese factory place or something, but its just a town where cheese originated from. er, o-k-a-y. so much for the anticipation. but it was nice walking around the little town. it was so countryside living. the houses looked like they were from storybooks.

we decided that we will free & easy to the flower place, KEUKENHOF. the flowers were really pretty, but disappointment was that the fields of rows of tulips that were online and on the postcards were all harvested ): we still got to see the flowers, still pretty.

love this colour (:

is it weird that i love lotus-like flowers?

mini pancakes. nice (:


day three, we went to van gogh museum. eh, no pictures allowed :/

our last day in amsterdam, we wanted to go see this red bridge which was apparently on their tourism website. and nobody seems to know where the bridge was. we ended up walking around the area and kind of saw the bridge from a distance. decided not to go up and see it, because it was raining and we really dont see a point. so we went back to amsterdam central.


i love these european countries & their street art.

and this sums up our 4 day trip to amsterdam. as you can see not alot of food photos because seriously, the food was just normal. hahah. but the pancakes are really not bad lah. oh yah, if you’re wondering why there isnt any photos of the red light district is because we did not take cameras with us, we heard that photography is not really welcome. but it was an eye-opener. some of the girls were really pretty. this trip was made awesome by the awesome friends :D