in my third year, every thing is going so fast and yet so slow. i cant seem to have enough time to read and absorb my readers and on the other hand, i cant wait to get just get over it already and graduate.

think my brain is quite filled up these days with current school work, future school work and dissertation, and possibilities of my future which i am still so uncertain of. i dont know, channeling positive energy as much as i can nowadays. not an easy thing considering i am quite a skeptic myself. but I CAN DO IT! (the CAN-DO ATTITUDE! im trying to psych myself as much as possible)

im starting to observe my surroundings a little more these days, i realised there will be quite a number of things i will miss about london. the shopping definitely, the squirrels i see randomly, roses and sunflowers by the road, the cold, the buildings, the animated public transport (even though its irritating at times), little of this and little of that. yes, i will miss london.


wish you were here, then i thought you probably wish i was there. and i wish i was there too.