i miss my mummy, and i wish she could be here, with me. i wish i can do her proud, and thank her enough for what she has done for us.

last friday, somebody passed away, in school. as highly unlikely as it was, it happened. i havent seen a body before, never thought that i would be traumatised or anything by it, but it did affect me in the slightest way. that poor guy wasnt even prepared for it, he might be on the way home, or on his way to get coffee, it was so sudden. his family wasnt even there with him, they did not even have a chance to say their goodbyes, he did not even have a chance to have his last words. that last phone call he made, was it to his loved ones? i always knew life was fragile, but i didnt know it was that fragile, you cant even prepare yourself for it. for the unpredictability of life, death is always certain.

i guess i never really knew how to deal with death, since my last encounter of it, i was still so young. and i hope that it will be a looooooooooong looooooong time before i have to deal with death again.

for the poor guy that passed away last friday, i am sorry, i am sorry you did not get to see your loved ones, i am sorry you had to pass away so uncomfortably, i am sorry you had to go. i may not have known you, but im sure in my 2 years in school, we would have passed each other, in one way or another. so now, i wish you well, wherever you are.