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爱情就是如此的简单, 因为有了你。



it was like any other day, but made special by spending it with you. thank you for making simple things amazing for 3 years ♥

孤獨是因為在人群里, 你不在。

想念是因為在那一刻, 希望你也在。

i miss the crazy things we do. and you.

distance is a bitch, but somehow we overcame that. not every time, but we still made it through. i didn’t believe that it’ll work out, you insisted. i was secretly so happy and glad that you insisted because i didn’t have the courage to. and we’re now half way there ♥

ended 2011 with tiga, miles apart. but its the best memory to start 2012 ♥

its the simple things like this <3

went to SAM to see the exhibitions for kids. was quite disappointed that there were only 5 exhibitions, took us like 15 mins and we’re done with all the exhibitions.

 presenting to you: WALTER.
this rabbit was taken down that very day we went to visit it. lucky us :D

always wanted to try THE WHITE RABBIT, although prices are mad expensive but i think the food is amazing. i love their creme brulee, although tiga said it was too sweet. will go again to try their brunch since its like a must-try.


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