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yet another cny away from home and one more year before i can officially celebrate cny in singapore. cny, birthdays and when im sick are days that i terribly miss home, miss my mummy, miss the comforts of singapore. facebook yesterday was filled with statues and pictures of reunion dinner, and it really sucked i couldnt be home, not that i loved cny before, but its the spirit of chinese new year, being with your family and all. i guess at the end of the day, im lucky my brother’s with me, not so much cny spirit, but family’s still around. only one more cny to go, that isnt so bad (: so far 2012 has been awesome. its only been the first month though, but im beginning to like 2012. 今年讓我們好事多多, 好運連連, 讀好書, 有好多錢, 過個好龍年 :D



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