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i will kill for a plate of this now. my lao chek does this the best, havent had a lou ark that can beat his yet. and yes, i said i want to master this dish, but….i will…one day.

oh lou ark, i miss you ):


its not like i LOVE laksa, but laksa is one thing that is available in ldn, its not the same as it is in sg. bascially, whatever “singaporean” food you find in ldn, its nowhere close to those you get in sg. so after a while, i stop expecting too much, and just eat it london style. laksa is one of tiga’s favourite though, that boy can eat it every day, was so amaze when he had that two nights in a row. so much spices and coconut, dont know how his stomach can take it. must have a damn good digestive system. miss laksa, miss the boy who loves his laksa too.


i really want one now. fish soup is my comfort food, if i dont know what to go for in a hawker centre, i go for fish soup. might not be the safest bet because some fish has very strong 腥味, meaning not fresh at all, but i still can always go for the fried fish. think the fish soup opposite tiga’s house is the best. hahahs, can get a mixture of both sliced fish and fried fish. one day, my cravings will kill me.


i seldom eat char kway teow, much less have cravings for it. but really, can i have one now, please?

月餅節來了, 吃月餅了。 每次都會想買月餅, 可是都沒買。 今年買了冰皮的, 給家人。 不是很多, 可是心意嘛。 月餅節快樂 :D

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right now, although im only one week away from home. i have sudden craving for…

TAU HUAY CHAM JUI! actually, when it comes to tau huay, im not so particular. give me one from anywhere and i will love it. i miss those mornings when my mom would go to the market and buy fresh tau huay back for us as breakfast.

i love STARBUCKS, i love the GREEN TEA FRAPP from starbucks. if starbucks is a global brand, why is their menu not global? WHY CANT I HAVE MY GREEN TEA FRAPP IN LONDON?!


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