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LOOK WHO’S IN LONDON FOR THE WEEK. MY AWESOME POSSUM SISTER. MISS KOH YAN TING. she’s probably on the plane now, and i already miss her :/

although this week had been hectic, i enjoyed it thoroughly. friends really do make time pass much faster. this week with her felt like im a tourist all over again too. saw the big ben up close, went to tower bridge, went to 2 weekend markets which i havent been to before, took a half-day trip to see stones in stonehenge. it was a fun-filled fruitful week, probably my best week in london so far, despite being so ttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddd out. and i took a day rest for yt to go shopping. heh.

thank you, for coming over and spending time with me :D 


it takes effort for friendship to work, and some other things as well. but effort plays a major role, in friendship, in kinship, in relationship. these people are amazing, the way they always made an effort and time for each other. anything that invovles two or more people is a two way street. it would have never worked out if only one of them is trying, eventually, we’ll stop trying. not because we dont love each other anymore, for i believe love is always there, but because we got tired.

thank you, my amazing friends for always trying, making effort and time. merry christmas.

after 128309810948930274 years of not doing any sports, that is if you consider running for buses as light exercise. today, i went blading at ECP with my lovely GPS clique. weather was nice, company was awesome and i still dont think i can blade for nuts. we do alot of stupid things together, but a day well-spent. we can really do sports instead of just eating and more eating :D



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