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i need you to listen to the things i say.


tell me you love me,

and say it again.

im still figuring myself out. paradox or not.

because for the rest of my life, he will win.

她其实有点懒,喜欢赖床。她其实不太乖,喜欢捣蛋。 她在陌生人面前会很安静,很冷漠,在熟人面前却很放肆,很霸道,并喜欢没形象的哈哈大笑。 她也会偶尔的忧郁, 朋友问她怎么了, 她也只会说没事。 其实她只是感觉累了,她只是需要一个拥抱。

其實我, 就這樣。

i wish i was whole, then you wouldnt have to love a broken me.

today, i woke up with a heartache.

today, i unplug.


tell me you love me.


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