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there’s no place like home. 


i miss taking lifts and hearing stories.

this is so singaporean.

it takes effort for friendship to work, and some other things as well. but effort plays a major role, in friendship, in kinship, in relationship. these people are amazing, the way they always made an effort and time for each other. anything that invovles two or more people is a two way street. it would have never worked out if only one of them is trying, eventually, we’ll stop trying. not because we dont love each other anymore, for i believe love is always there, but because we got tired.

thank you, my amazing friends for always trying, making effort and time. merry christmas.

月餅節來了, 吃月餅了。 每次都會想買月餅, 可是都沒買。 今年買了冰皮的, 給家人。 不是很多, 可是心意嘛。 月餅節快樂 :D

went to SAM to see the exhibitions for kids. was quite disappointed that there were only 5 exhibitions, took us like 15 mins and we’re done with all the exhibitions.

 presenting to you: WALTER.
this rabbit was taken down that very day we went to visit it. lucky us :D

always wanted to try THE WHITE RABBIT, although prices are mad expensive but i think the food is amazing. i love their creme brulee, although tiga said it was too sweet. will go again to try their brunch since its like a must-try.

after 128309810948930274 years of not doing any sports, that is if you consider running for buses as light exercise. today, i went blading at ECP with my lovely GPS clique. weather was nice, company was awesome and i still dont think i can blade for nuts. we do alot of stupid things together, but a day well-spent. we can really do sports instead of just eating and more eating :D


election results are out. PAP won 81 seats out of 87. 5 of those was won by a walkover, so really, nothing to be really proud about. i did not expect anything less, but i felt that potong pasir should not have lost to PAP. after 20 years under Mr. Chiam See Tong, it felt kind of “wrong” that Potong Pasir has now come under PAP. looking at Mr. Chiam walking out of deyi secondary school was sad. the way he needed assistance, his supporters chanting his name and he humbly said “thank you, residents of bishan.” i don’t know, but the moment felt so heartwrenching. this whole election campaign must not been easy for him. trusting potong pasir in the hands of his wife, Lina Chiam and venturing into bishan. his health may have been an issue for residents of bishan, but i believe that if Mr. Chiam is standing for election, he definitely has the capability to manage for another 5 years. he believed in himself and also residents of bishan, i thought the residents of bishan would have believed in him too. while many were outraged by PAP’s win in potong pasir, i was just wondering, how Mr. Sitoh Yih Pin will try to win loyal supporters of Mr. Chiam over. lift-upgrading? new splash of paint? parks? playgrounds? fitness corners? if the residents wanted those, they would have turned to PAP 5 years ago. less than 24 hours after the results have been announced, a petition for by-election in potong pasir has been held. will it make a difference? to appease the residents of potong asir, will a by-election be granted? PAP has said that they will listen to the voices of the people. the people of potong pasir have spoken, are they listening?

Workers’ Party did put up a good fight by winning hougang and aljunied. PAP’s lost in aljunied was a pity, singapore lost an abled minster Mr. George Yeo. i was happy that Workers’ Party won, it was a moment of history for singapore and Workers’ Party, but really upset that it was against George Yeo. he should have contested in other GRCs, like for example, joined Goh Chok Tong’s team in marine parade and out Tin Pei Ling. yes, like everybody else, i may not like Tin Pei Ling. but i believe since she’s been elected alongside Goh Chok Tong’s team, why don’t we all be gracious and give her a chance. if along the way, she’s really incompetent as she looks, then we all can tell PAP, “we told you so.”

this election has been the most exciting one since i was born. pity i couldnt be in singapore for all the action. history has been made, the Workers’ Party has won 6 seats compared to only 2 in the last election. although NSP hasnt won any seats, but i’m sure they will come back stronger in 5 years time. residents of aljunied have also proved change is possible, and Workers’ Party finally won a GRC after PAP remained undefeated since 1965. this election, i thought, finally the gen Y are searching for a voice, and making their own voices heard. but there are also young adults out there who strongly believe in PAP, who despite all, want “lift upgrading”.  this is going to be a very exciting 5 years, to the PAP who has won, its time to prove that you’ve heard us, and you are actually doing something about it. and to Worker’s Party, its time of change and bringing singapore forward under your leadership.


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