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from the moment we were together, i’ve love you so. i’ve been nothing but nice to you, i’ve given you nothing but the best. the times when you were hurting, i cried with you. the times when you were happy, i shared your joy. wherever i went, you were there with me. you never left me, and i was never without you. the moments we had together was precious and treasured. without you, i wouldn’t know what i would do in my life. without you, i wouldn’t have known my friends loved me so. without you, my life wouldn’t be exciting. without you, i wouldn’t survive being overseas. we had good times and bad, but we always manage to patch things up. fights always brought us closer to each other. i knew your importance each time we fought. i knew how important you are to me. but do you? do you realise how much i love you, how much you mean to me?

bbaby, please, let’s patch things up. i promise to love you more, treasure you more and take better care of you. please, don’t leave me alone. please, come back to me. i love you more than you ever know.



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