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so 4 day trip to amsterdam proved to be too many days. but lucky for us, it only rained on the last day. so we didnt do anything much too. amsterdam was nice, the people were nice, and the food was not so bad.

our first stop was the sex museum. it was fascinating to see sex in the most shocking, erotic, cute and interesting way. i think after a trip to amsterdam, i’ve seen enough asses, breasts and penises :/

i know this looks a little repulsive, but i think it looks really cute, because it is so small.

this shop SABON is genius, we went in, stayed for about an hour and spent over EUR100+. its a shop that sells body and bathing products. AND THEY SMELL REALLY GOOD! all natural products too. never tried anything and feel so moisturised and smelling so nice after, because i have blardie sensitive and dry skin. i hope they open a shop in sg, would be damn awesome. too bad they dont have an outlet in london )): this was probably our best find in amsterdam.

floating flower market.

i was quite disappointed with it because i was expecting like a 西門町夜市 kind of feel, but it was like a roadside pasar malam.

weed lollis, weed seed, weed cookie, weed & more weed.

day 2, we went to sign up for a day trip excursion that took us to the windmill village DE ZAANSE SCHANS and EDAM which is the cheese place.

this guy demonstrated how the clog shoes were made. and the most amazing part was when he blow into the shoe and water came out. he said because the wood was made of 80% water. i think the machines used to make the shoes are brilliant, quite interesting how in the olden days, these people can be such geniuses to come up with such simple yet complex mechanisms for clog shoes.

dutch lady who explained to us how cheese were made. 1 kg of cheese = 10 kg of milk. 

okay, so when we reach EDAM, we thought we were going to some cheese factory place or something, but its just a town where cheese originated from. er, o-k-a-y. so much for the anticipation. but it was nice walking around the little town. it was so countryside living. the houses looked like they were from storybooks.

we decided that we will free & easy to the flower place, KEUKENHOF. the flowers were really pretty, but disappointment was that the fields of rows of tulips that were online and on the postcards were all harvested ): we still got to see the flowers, still pretty.

love this colour (:

is it weird that i love lotus-like flowers?

mini pancakes. nice (:


day three, we went to van gogh museum. eh, no pictures allowed :/

our last day in amsterdam, we wanted to go see this red bridge which was apparently on their tourism website. and nobody seems to know where the bridge was. we ended up walking around the area and kind of saw the bridge from a distance. decided not to go up and see it, because it was raining and we really dont see a point. so we went back to amsterdam central.


i love these european countries & their street art.

and this sums up our 4 day trip to amsterdam. as you can see not alot of food photos because seriously, the food was just normal. hahah. but the pancakes are really not bad lah. oh yah, if you’re wondering why there isnt any photos of the red light district is because we did not take cameras with us, we heard that photography is not really welcome. but it was an eye-opener. some of the girls were really pretty. this trip was made awesome by the awesome friends :D



never ever thought that i would have a chance to go to paris, but OMG, this december was a dream come true. only the night before, i did not feel any excitement, dont know why. but after a 2hr eurostar ride, hearing the announcement in french, i was suddenly so excited and overwhelmed. OMG PARIS!

our hotel was located in BASTILLE, built originally as a fortress in the past, so you could see quite a number of statues and such in the surroundings.

then, you have all the graffiti. the old, the new and the art, all in one place. just need to be observant, and you can notice how creative the french are. i always thought that paris was a tiny city, but the place is huge. for the 3 days we were there, we walked like never before. if i complained about walking in london, paris is worse. more walking than ever, and the pavements are worse than in london. it feels like the pavements have been there from the 18th century.

the trees in paris are art themselves, they are all postcard worthy.

the front of the cathedral, but i actually like the back better.

i love carousels.

some macroons & chocolate shop.

the french love their desserts. even their MCCAFE has macroons and more exciting dessert choices. and the whole time when we were there, we did not even see anyone having like a proper meal. it was always either coffee or dessert. and they really know how to enjoy their food. first starters, then main course, and finally dessert with coffee. a meal to them feels like an extravagant 2hr long affair.

the back of THE LOUVRE.

notice the cyclist in the picture, the parisians cycle alot, i wonder if its a french thing or just a paris thing. i realised that we always enter a building through its back door and we always assume that its the front.

THE LOUVRE. seeing the pyramid thingy made my heart skipped a beat.


i really thought i would be awed seeing the mona lisa in person, but really, the “wow” moment came and went in a snap. i think it was partially because i was too far, and it was too crowded. had to squeeze my way in, then squeezed my way out. was not overly happy about it.

LADUREE – the best macroons.

not a big fan of sweet stuff, but since its the best and from paris, i must give it a try. erm, i havent had macroons before, so i cannot do a compare and contrast. laduree is good, but i dont think i’ll ever have cravings for macaroons.

LOUIS VUITTON. the french dont say L.V, they say vuitton.



seeing the tower was like a dream come true. it was amazing. and we made it in time to see the lights, wasnt even intentional. its like all these while, hearing about it, and then the next thing, i was standing under it. the eiffel tower. i know, i must be exaggerating, but i cant describe it any other way. i dont even know how to describe the feeling. but it was really overwhelming. heh.

double deck metro, cool or what.

this paris trip was nothing but amazing, i totally enjoyed it, even though it was only 3 days, and we walked a whole lot. the people were nice, despite our friends telling us that they could be racist. the food, not so bad. because the portions were never enough for us. its no wonder they eat a full 3-course meal every time. the place itself was beautiful, love the buildings, the art, and the history. i am really glad that we had quite an enjoyable experience in paris, because i was scared that i would be so disappointed after hearing so many negative comments about it. after paris, there’ll be many more countries to go :D

before the start of year two, michelle and i decided to go on a two day trip to BATH :D its only an hour away from london, so our butts didnt hurt this time. and it was warm and sunny, good weather to be out in beautiful bath. bath is famous for its spa, and the place is really small. we finished the whole of bath in one day.

this is a sign in the toilet, and the toilet was really warm.

famous spa water from the fountain.

it tasted salty and dry at the same time. nvr going to try it again.

the ROMAN BATH is nice, the building has been kept that way since 2000 years ago. the whole of bath is like a step into the past. very little modern buildings around. we had the famous SALLY LUNN’s buns for lunch. they were huge, and i’d rather call them bread.

we visited the FASHION MUSEUM, was quite disappointed because we expected so much more, but we had fun dressing up.

kids costumes.

JANE AUSTEN CENTRE. that is supposingly jane austen.

since there was absolutely nothing to do in bath the next day, we went to BRISTOL which people said its 15mins away, erm, it was a 30mins bus ride. bristol is nice, like london, but smaller and less crowded. we didnt enjoy as much, because we were mostly complaining about how big the place is and how much we had to walk to get from one place to another.

CHRISTMAS STEPS is an alley in bristol, at first we thought it was just steps. but there were shops on both sides of the alley, and only a few steps. it was basically a steep slope down.

by mid-day, we were tired and there wasnt much around bristol to see too. so instead of taking the 5.43pm train back to london, we got onto the 3.45pm train, and was told by the conductor that we could not take the train, we either have to get off the train or to pay £28 for tickets. so we just got off at the next station. thinking we could do some sightseeing anyway. and so CHIPPENHAM, we went. michelle said it sounds like the hometown of CHIP&DALE. wth.

anyway, after we got off, we asked the locals what were some of the things we could do, and they said “there’s nothing much you can do in chippenham, and the town center is 10mins away. there’re only some coffeeshops and shops around.” we were tired, so we went back into the train station and waited for the next train. boarded the train and prayed that the conductor would not perform a check this time. AND YAY! we were safe, arrived in london about 5.30pm. and oh, we realised that bath, bristol, weymouth and all are close to one another. we could visit them all.

during our month of easter break, michelle and i decided to visit places outside london, why not? since we would be here for the next 2 years, we might as well make full use of it. else we will be like so sua ku when we go back when people ask, “so did you visit outside of london?”

totally got cheated out of our train fares, but we’ll make up for it with more trips out. our train was delayed for more than an hour, so in the end, the train seemed quite crowded with the people who were supposed to take the first train and the second train. the seats were comfy, considering we would be on our butts for the next 3 hours, comfy seats were essential.

3 hours later, we arrived at WEYMOUTH :D it was lovely, the beach, the weather and the people.


the annual KITE FESTIVAL.

then we took a bus to ABBOTSBURY, to see the JURASSIC COAST.

it was a long long hike before we manage to see the coast, but it was so beautiful, its worth the hike. then we realised we were on the wrong side of the coast. hahhas, so we did not manage to see fossils anywhere. the fossils and cliff were on the sides of the coast, and we were right in the center. but the view itself was worth anything :D

some of the houses have eggs, plants, crafts displayed outside their houses with a tin can. the whole village is based on a trust policy, where you put money into the can if you take the items. if it was singapore, the eggs would be gone, and the tin would be empty.

houses in the village.

the doors were so low.

we wanted to try the famous cream tea in abbotsbury, which i highly suspect that its really just teh ci. but all the tea shops were closed by 5pm, so we ended up drinking cider at a local pub. hahas. it was an awesome day out, & we are so doing it again :D



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