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love yourself before anything else.

love yourself before loving others.

learn to love yourself.

because nobody’s going to love you the way you love yourself.


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some days, i doubt my self-worth, and how i manage to come this far.

then i am thankful for all the good things that happened.

dear you,

i’d like to be surprised.


如果你選擇要走, 請把快樂也帶走。

如果你不再愛我, 那幸福也不必留。

im a skeptic, i always have been. that is until i fell in love. doesnt mean i those mushy-gooey-i-believe-love-makes-the-world-a-better-place kind of person, because i am not. dont think i will ever be. the point i want to make is, i try and learn to accept that this person, is there to make me feel whole, to make me feel better about myself, to always be there for me.

it is not easy being in a relationship, there is no fairytale, and definitely no derek shephard. but as skeptic as i am, i am also a romantic, once in a while, i liked to be romanced. once in a while, i like to be treated like a princess. not that i am not now, but it’s scary to think, “what if this all ends one day when i wake up?” or for that matter, when he wakes up?

the “what-if”s in a relationship is what scares me. i think i have abandonment issues, and that is why i am afraid of commitment. but once i made that commitment, please promise you will stay, even if the future is uncertain. i see more break-ups than happily-ever-after, and i want to believe we are one of those happily-ever-after people. even if we both do not believe in happily ever after, but we could be those happily-ever-whatever people.

it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. im not going to be easy, but we are going to be worth it. i dont need big promises of a ever after, or that we’ll get married and have kids, i just need to know that whatever it is, whether i pushed you away or im being difficult, i just need to know, you will always be there.

affection    \ə-ˈfek-shən\


  1. a gentle feeling of fondness or liking.
  2. physical expressions of these feelings.

some days, i just need it more.

simple things that others take for granted, comes difficult for us. because the lack of physicality means we have to make up for in the heart, and it’s not easy.

some days, i wonder, do i make you feel the way you make me feel?

affection – easier said than done, because its definition itself requires physicality and we do not have that luxury.

giving people relationship advices when i cant even manage my own. joke.


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